The 1950s - A Nostalgic Journey

Nostalgia, Nostalgia and more Nostalgia.

Music, Fashion, Cinema - Was it the best ever decade?

Come with us for a stroll down memory lane.

Every Night Something Awful


Entertaining Troops During Wartime

ENSA - The world's largest-ever entertainment organisation.

Let us listen to Gracie Fields, George Formby, Tommy Trinder, Noel Coward and Joyce Grenfell. Would the war have been won without these incredible artistes?

The story of ENSA is a story worth listening to.


Charles Dickens And Our Christmas Traditions

How much of our Christmas today do we owe to Charles Dickens?

Gift-giving, family celebrations, Santa Claus. Did they all come from the quill of Charles Dickens?

Get your society in the Christmas mood with this seasonal talk.

A Journey from Camera to Screen

An enjoyable talk aimed at societies that want to know a little more about how bespoke dvd's are produced i.e how it is possible to take your pictures and turn them into a dvd for television viewing.

Using a digital projector and laptop, we look at several examples of different types of dvd's that we have produced. Examples such as family history, pets and vacations.

We will look at the importance of music, effects and transitions (the bits in between the images) in combining to make an 'experience' that can be enjoyed on the television by you, your family and your friends.

Length of the talk is flexible, depending on your requirements.

Antarctica - The Journey of a Lifetime

Using a digital projector and laptop: who to go with, what to take and how to get there will be discussed.

Dean will use his own images to illustrate this talk.

Be prepared to witness one of the earth's special places.

Our fee is £50 plus travel costs.